Our Vision:

To make Manipur, one of the top start-up destinations in the North East by providing the most enabling ecosystems to support and nurture start-up entrepreneurship in the State.

Our Mission:

  1. To strengthen the start-up culture in the State by fostering greater social acceptance and recognition of promising start-ups, through strategic investment, policy interventions and such other programmes.
  2. Encourage and inspire the youth of Manipur to actively consider entrepreneurship as a career choice by including appropriate learning modules, developing relevant entrepreneurship development programs in vocational institutions, and supporting outreach programs, interactions with entrepreneurs, e-cells and entrepreneurship development centres across educational institutions in the State.
  3. To support and strengthen existing business incubators & accelerators in the State.
  4. To encourage setting up new business incubators in the State in collaboration with private sector.
  5. To continuously provide enabling mechanisms to start-ups, through training and skill development, capacity building, networking, access to knowledge & support services, etc.
  6. To implement a supportive regulatory framework that enables hassle-free and time bound statutory clearances for all start-ups.
  7. To provide appropriate infrastructural support required to enable start-ups to set up and grow rapidly.
  8. To create a platform for accessing multiple avenues that provide financial support to start-ups in Manipur, like grants, bank loans, fiscal incentives, etc.
  9. To create enabling environment and supporting eco-system that facilitates 1000 start-ups in next five years.
  10. Growth of start-ups would be largely sector-agnostic, it would be appropriate to give added focus to areas particularly suitable for Manipur :-
    • Entrepreneurship initiatives that enable sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development across the whole State.
    • Entrepreneurship development activities that leverage the natural resources, human skills and other strength areas of the State.
    • Innovative ideas, new business domains and sectors that have high future growth potential would be encouraged.
    • Particular encouragement to sectors and capabilities that can catalyze growth across multiple industries, or can have a multiplier effect.